Hello, friend! You are very welcome here.

My name is Lena Levin, and this website is dedicated to sharing my paintings with you. They are organized into galleries, reflecting major motives and themes of my work (just click on any item on the left bar). Click any thumbnail to see the painting (another click on the image will take you to a higher-resolution photo) and use navigation arrows to browse the gallery. This gallery is intended as a selection of what I believe are my best paintings, but it has not been updated for more than two years. My bad, but I am working on it, I promise!

A website is a convenient, but not a very good way to see paintings. They are to be viewed and contemplated in their living reality, in the space where you live. If you are drawn to a particular painting – if you feel you need it in your life – I want to share it with you as a gift. So, if the painting is marked as "available", a click on this word will take you to an explanation of how this works.

There is also a special gallery, "Gifts of the month", intended specifically for sharing paintings "in real life", where I will regularly release a new thematically united group of paintings, which may or may not have been available (or even featured on this website) before. New releases will be announced on my Patreon page.