The first step

A collage of first nine sonnet paintings

This image is a collage of the first nine sonnet paintings.

Apart from the first glimpse into this series, it is intended to introduce the major “constants” of its geometry: each painting is a 20″x20″ (50.8 x 50.8 cm) square, and each is composed around a vertical and a horizontal located at the “golden section”. These divisions can be more or less prominent, there is some variety as to whether the horizontal is closer to the top or to the bottom, and the vertical, to the left or to the right, but the basic geometric structure remains constant throughout the series.

This geometric constant is intended as my visual counterpart to the constants of the sonnet structure. Like the classical structure of the sonnet, it allows for an interesting balance between constraints and flexibility; visually, this basic structure creates a variety of overlapping golden section rectangles which work well independently of the subject matter.