Sonnet 32: Had my friend's Muse grown with the growing age

This section of my website contains the first fifty two paintings of my "Sonnets in colour" series; the plan is to translate each of 154 Shakespeare's sonnets into a painting. In this answer to Shauntelle Hamlett's interview question, I talk at length about my motivations for and general approach to this project. This series also has its own website, "Sonnets in colour".

Each work in this series is a square 20"x20" canvas, with a composition divided by a vertical and a horizontal at golden sections: a general geometrical structure which stands for the classical sonnet structure in this series.

These geometric constants, not to say anything about the coherence of the dramatic plot of the sonnets sequence, allow me to compose larger collage-like square structures, 60"x60" or 80"x80", representing nine or sixteen sonnets respectively. All in all, the plan is to have ten nine-sonnets collages and four sixteen-sonnets collages.

For now, there are five of them ready. You can see them if you click the corresponding items on the left bar. From there, you can also click the thumbnail for each individual painting to see it in more detail, read the text of the sonnet and my comments on the translation. If you want to follow this project, I'd love you to subscribe to "Sonnets in colour".